Postcards from Europe, #16

Mademoiselle is the first in our family to visit Ireland. She flew to Dublin via Carcassonne and Paris, connecting there by train, and in Dublin she stayed with Conor, the son of family friends and former (Irish) neighbors.

Sounds like he and the Irish showed her the city!


Greetings from Dublin!

Things to know about Dublin: the pubs are plenty, the food is cheap, there is a Guiness AND whiskey distillery, and the museums are free! We got pancakes for breakfast, saw the book of kells, roamed around the Temple Bar district, saw the Dublin Castle, and had lunch in an old bank building. On Sunday, we got a fantastic brunch, visited the Oscar Wilde statue, the Ha’penny Bridge, and all saw the Whiskey Museum. Sunday night we had dinner with Conor’s grandma and sister and it was so much fun. All in all, Dublin was one of my favorite places to visit, even if we have to take a flight out at 5 am.




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