Julia McDermott is an award-winning nonfiction author, novelist, and short story writer. A native of Dallas, Texas, Julia grew up in Atlanta, graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and is a fluent French speaker. The mother of four (including a set of twins), she has been featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Simply Buckhead Magazine and the Carolina Review. Julia lives in northeastern Florida just a few miles from the beach, and she loves reading, football, the UNC Tar Heels, most kinds of art and all things French.

Creative Nonfiction


Your whole world can change in a day…

The true story of a mom’s emotional struggle when her youngest son is diagnosed with a brain tumor that changes his life, and hers. 

Listen to this two minute soundbite of the author describing Jack’s journey.

“…a testament to a parent’s love, to the mother-son relationship, to a human’s ability to stand up to unimaginable challenges…”

“Between the first and last pages of this stirring true story lie the answers of how to walk with grace through one of life’s darkest traumas, be guided by a courage outside of yourself, and emerge whole…”

  • A Top 20 Kindle Bestseller
  • Finalist, 2016 Georgia Author of the Year Award – Memoir

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This book is full of hope, reality, grace,and perseverance.
I applaud the author’s courage and stand in awe of the young man with the brain tumor. I STRONGLY recommend this book for anyone who knows anyone with a medical challenge.”

“As I read…I realized that I am not alone and that my feelings, fears and hopes are not unique or strange. Only those who have walked this road can truly understand this cruel and brutal illness called cancer. Cancer, like a cruel master, forces you to stand up and keep walking when all you want to do is to stay down and hide.”

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is a caregiver to teenage or young adult cancer patients – the way they see things can be quite different from a child with cancer or an older adult with cancer.”

Short Story

Where no one breathes a word about the town’s darkest secret…

cover-omara-down-river-300x450pxJulia’s short story, The Riverfest, set in Wichita, Kansas, is included in this crime fiction anthology.

“The Arkansas River (‘pronounced ar-Kan-sas’) beckons to the narrator of Julia McDermott’s ‘The Riverfest.'” – Publishers Weekly

“DOWN TO THE RIVER collects 20 crime stories written by some of the best in the business, and they all take place on, or near, American rivers. Rivers, it seems, are not simply sources of life—they prove to be scenes of revenge and murder in these stories.” – Austin Camacho, The Big Thrill

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Domestic Psychological Suspense


Cash-poor, property-rich, and out for blood…

To what lengths will a wealthy woman go to keep her lifestyle when her father dies? Possibly murder.

  • Nominee, 2017 Georgia Author of the Year Award – Detective/Mystery

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“McDermott does a wonderful job of setting the scene in the cutthroat startup industry…Atlanta is given a little bit more magic in these pages.”

“I loved the character development and the story line involving a start up…Julia McDermott has a great imagination and can tell a great story. That takes talent.”


DIVE INTO a renovation from hell…

A page-turning suspense novel about the forces of greed, shame, and sorrow as a family struggles and sinks deep UNDERWATER…

A successful Atlanta businesswoman’s brother manipulates her into buying a million-plus dollar home that he pledges to gut, renovate, and flip for a quick profit. But his lies surface just as the real estate market crashes, sending tension to a boiling point and plunging the entire familiy into a downward spiral of  deceit, danger, and violence.

  • A Top 10 Kindle Bestseller
  • Nominee, 2015 Georgia Author of the Year Award – Detective/Mystery
  • Nominee, 2014 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award – Best Novel

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“…a complicated tale with lots of twists and turns. Characters are well developed and believable. I think I know these people!”

“…a hard book to put down! From the very first page, readers will sink deep into the lives of the characters and their dark backgrounds. I found myself fully engrossed as I watched their story unfold…”


German translation, UNTER WASSER91ouRYbS61L._SL1500_

“Fascinating plot, well written. I read this German version and after about 20 pages was unable to put the book down.”

 (“Faszinierend, gut geschrieben und gut aus dem englischen uebersetzt. Unbedingt fuenf Sterne!“)

French Travel/Young Adult

Image 2

Before there was Emily in Paris, there was Jenny in the South of France…

It’s 1979. Jenny Miles leaves her college boyfriend behind to spend a year studying in the south of France and to decide whether he’s The One.

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“Wish I was in Europe right now in a cafe with girlfriends!”

“Anyone who has either lived in France or wish to have lived there will find this novel intriguing. It is a must-read!”

“I almost felt like I was in college again experiencing all the emotions that go along with love and friendship during our young adult lives…Make That Deux is a fun, light read. A real treat.”

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