“It doesn’t require a lot of reading time to know she understands the application of skills that writers must master if they are to be more than a grease fire in a pan.”

– Terry Kay, award-winning author of To Dance with the White Dog and 16 other published works

“Julia is a literary force who has grown exponentially as a writer.”

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Domestic Psychological Suspense


What lengths will a very rich girl go to in order to keep her lifestyle when her father dies? Possibly murder.

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Creative Nonfiction

All the Above: My son’s battle with brain cancer

Finalist, 2016 Georgia Author of the Year Award

The true story of a mom’s emotional struggle when her youngest son is diagnosed with a brain tumor that changes his life, and hers. 

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“Julia McDermott’s All the Above, My Son’s Battle with Brain Cancer is replete with powerful dialogues and descriptions that bring to life the circumstances leading to — as well as the significance of — each of the often life-and-death decisions involved in fighting brain cancer.

At the center of this drama is Jack, the courageous and much-loved young man whose struggle reminds us of the often invisible social ties that underpin our lives. In recounting the events, McDermott exposes the powerful relationships among parents and children, siblings, and relatives and friends that sustain life and work, here in face of tremendous stressors. The memoir is also a poignantly appreciative look at the dedicated physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals the family relied on for Jack’s surgeries and recovery.”

     – Iraj Omidvar, 2016 Georgia Author of the Year Award Judge


Says one of the world’s top neurosurgeons:

 “I recommend it…very well written, and certainly captured the emotions of parents seeing their son fight a battle with cancer.” 

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Domestic Psychological Suspense


  • Nominee, 2015 Georgia Author of the Year Award
  • Nominee, 2014 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award 

An Atlanta CEO is guilted into funding an expensive spec home by her devious brother, who plans to flip it. Then the market plunges and sends the family into a downward spiral of deceit and danger. 

DIVE INTO a page-turning suspense novel that asks questions about generosity, greed, shame, and sorrow as a family struggles and sinks deep UNDERWATER

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“Readable, fun, suspenseful and surprising, her novels are fine reads.” 

French Travel/Romance

Make That Deux

Image 2 Three American college girls living in an apartment on the Mediterranean. 2 boyfriends back home. “The One” (and only), if it’s “meant to be” — whatever that means!

Jenny Miles has 3 goals: to speak French like a native, to travel all over Europe, and to have a blast. Meanwhile, two men compete for her attention and amour, ici et là. C’est compliqué!

Take 10 months. Add 2 (surprise) transatlantic flights, 2 Greek isles, 1 moped (une mobylette) and beaucoup de lettres! Subtract 1 phone, 1 promise to be faithful, and 1 bikini top. 

La solution? Make that Deux (“deux” means “two” in French)…and make that a year Jenny will never forget.

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