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All the AboveYour whole world can change in a day.

Twenty-four hours after the end of his first year in college, Jack McDermott awakened on his 19th birthday to rapidly deteriorating vision. After two eye exams and an MRI, a neurosurgeon told him and his parents the unthinkable late that night:

“You have a brain tumor.”

In shock, Jack signed consent forms for emergency surgery to save his eyesight, and his journey with brain cancer began. For the next six months, he fought the battle of his life. Told from his mom’s point of view, this inspiring true story chronicles her emotional struggle when cancer forced Jack to stare death in the face as his family did all they could to help him survive.

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Cash-poor, property-rich, and out for blood…

Valerie Mitchell takes her wealthy father’s advice and quits her high-paid job to join a hot tech startup. But Daddy dies unexpectedly and leaves all his money to his current wife, Valerie’s stepmother, and his beach home to Valerie and her siblings. When the startup’s IPO is mysteriously canceled, Valerie finds herself cash poor, property rich, and unable to continue her extravagant lifestyle. To what lengths will she go to preserve it?

Possibly murder.

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UWnewcover copyDive into a renovation from hell.

After years of guilt over a long-ago tragedy, Candace Morgan is finally poised for success. The CEO of her own women’s shapewear company, she’s about to launch a new swimsuit line—and make a fortune. When she agrees to loan her brother a huge sum of money to redo and flip a luxury home, she believes she’s merely fulfilling a family promise. Instead, she’s enabling a devious sociopath and is roped into a renovation from hell.

For years, Monty Carawan has envied his sister’s wealth, and is convinced that her success came at the expense of his own. When the housing market drops, Candace tries to disentangle herself, and Monty’s lies bring tension to a boiling point and plunge the entire family UNDERWATER

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Before “A Year in Provence,” email or cell phones, a transatlantic college romance…Make That Deux

Three American college girls living in an apartment on the Mediterranean. Two boyfriends back home. “The One” (and only), if it’s “meant to be” — whatever that means!

Jenny Miles has three goals: to speak French like a native, to travel all over Europe, and to have a blast. Meanwhile, two men compete for her attention and amour, ici et là. C’est compliqué! La solution? MAKE THAT DEUX!  (“Make That Two!”)

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