List Post, février 2016

  • New video alert! Watch on Youtube, my Goodreads page, or Facebook! I made this images-video using Magisto (free) to show what led me to write ALL THE ABOVE:
  • Enjoying connecting with readers on Facebook, and getting messages, shares and Likes!
  • Grateful for an author friend’s help recently with social media details like tabs, lists, and videos. You can now sign up to receive my bimonthly Newsletter on Facebook!
  • Anticipating the publication (this month!) of another author friend’s middle grade/young adult novel set in WWII Britain. I’ll let you know more when it’s released!
  • Ideas starting to gel on WIP, Book 5. Words coming.
  • Announcing title of Book 4, a suspense/women’s fiction: A ZERO-SUM GAME. One lucky newsletter subscriber guessed it, and she’ll be getting a free, signed copy! Teasers and cover reveal coming; stay tuned!

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