Postcards from Europe, #11

Before Mademoiselle sent this postcard, we talked via Face Time Audio, as we have done several times this fall. She knew that I was going to be at the Killer Nashville writers conference during the last weekend of October, and that I was going to be on a panel there. She’s been a strong supporter of my writing and my books, but so far she’s only read one of the three I’ve written.

Guess which?

Oh, and her birthday is this Sunday, December 6, the feast day of St. Nicholas. Her middle name isn’t Nicole, but she says she loves it. Three guesses on what that is, too!


Surprise postcard from Amsterdam! Only sending you this because we stumbled upon the Basilica of St. Nicholas (aka my birthday) just a hop skip and a jump from the Red Light District, haha. Basically Amsterdam is a city full of contradictions, also foodie heaven. I hope you had a great time at the Nashville conference!




Postcards from Europe, #10

I think Mademoiselle knows this (and I’m not sure she cares), but when I visited Amsterdam in late 1979, I stayed on a boat in a canal with about 20 other “students.” It was cold and wet, but there was plenty of beer. One thing I did in the city was visit the Heineken brewery; another was seeing the place where Anne Frank and her family hid during World War II. I think Mademoiselle told me on the phone that she and her friend (the other “grandma”) did the latter.

What a cool city.

FullSizeRender 2


There are two ways you can do Amsterdam: Sampling cheeses and seeing the sights, or going to the Red Light District and getting high. Us grandmas chose the former. Our meals included a beer tasting and appetizers in the dark, hamburgers at a secret speakeasy, sandwiches at a former pirate radio station, and Indian food. All things aside, Amsterdam is awesome. I’m never going to be cool enough for this city, but it was fun trying.

Happy early Halloween!




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