Wine with Wendy on Wednesday, numéro dix (10)

Last Wednesday,Wendy and I met at a Buckhead restaurant for our first déjeuner of the school year. We went to St. Cecelia, located across the street from Phipps Plaza and in the same place another restaurant used to be. It’s been redone, of course, and seems much lighter and brighter now.


I had a glass of rosé and she had pino grigio, and we ordered tasty, light dishes. She has a couple of big trips coming up – she’s probably on the first one now – but I don’t have one until mid-September. I love hearing about what she has planned, and chatting about things we do or don’t have in common. Turns out, over the last few months, both of us have committed to a healthier lifestyle, and we are both seeing some good results.

Wine notwithstanding.

As a writer, I sometimes feel isolated – even lonely – especially when the words aren’t flowing, and I’m not in the “zone.” Even when I don’t feel that way, it’s good to get together with great friends like Wendy. After a nice lunch with her (and a glass of wine), everything seems much lighter and brighter.

P.S. No “Pizza, Salad and a Movie” last night – we met a couple we hadn’t seen in awhile for dinner instead. Guess what kind of wine I ordered? 😉

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