Wine with Wendy on Wednesday, numéro neuf (9)

Despite the busy-ness of summer, Wendy and I were able to meet for lunch this month, and this time, a mutual, good friend joined us!

We went to a spot that was casual, not too much $, but good…and of course, we each had a glass of wine. Our friend had white, but Wendy and I chose a rosé. The three of us caught up, told stories, and shared our news with each other.

Three is a useful number in storytelling (of course, I thought of that): 3 details (and no more) to describe something; 3 sequences in an act; and 3 acts in a story. Three is also a good number of beats in a character’s arc, of images to choose from when deciding on a new book cover (or for choices for anything, for that matter), and the number of paragraphs in a blog post. No wonder they say, “Three’s a charm.”


Not the wine we had, but a bottle mon mari and I purchased at a Wine Tasting we went to with some very fun members of the Atlanta Toulouse Sister Cities Committee (a French cultural group). We bought more than three bottles, though.



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