Wine with Wendy on Wednesday, numéro huit (8)

For our May lunch together, Wendy and I chose a French Bistro/restaurant called Atmosphère.


I won’t be able to attend the Wine Tasting on June 1st, but we enjoyed a glass of rosé with our lunch. We had a leisurely, French déjeuner and chatted about a variety of sujets. She’s younger than me, has one more child than I do (and they’re all younger than my youngest), but we connect on so many things. I always learn things from her, too, and I love to find out what she’s doing.

She has a busy summer planned (and I have a fairly busy one ahead, too), so we may take a hiatus from our lunches until August. But we did pencil in late June as a possibility. I hope that works out, and if it does, of course I will write a post about it then 😉

By the way, atmosphère is a vrai-ami (literally, “true friend’): it means the same thing in French as ‘atmosphere’ does in English. How nice it was to go to Atmosphère with a vrai-ami !


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