Postcards from Europe, #18

We did not get this postcard before we left for our trip to France. Must have gotten delayed up north (see the “New York” stamp on the front).

I’ve never been to Strasbourg, and I’m glad that Mademoiselle got to go at Christmastime. Looks like the restaurant where she and her pals ate was picturesque. Perhaps because she was about to return to the USA, she reverted to our way of listing the date (as opposed to the French way) – that is, month/day/year.

Which also happened to be her birthday.

Mademoiselle was in Europe for 18 weeks, and she sent me 18 postcards. She’s safely back in her home country now, and I think she spent her time abroad – and recorded it – very well.



Currently experiencing Christmas in Strasbourg! There are markets everywhere, the Cathedral is beautiful, and we’ve had plenty of vin chaud and bretzel! If you leave for Mtp before you get this, safe travels! If you don’t, see you soon! I’ve taken it upon myself to get some ornaments, and there is a laughable number of people here wearing stork hats (the bird of the region). Now, on to Alsace, white wine, and Christmas concerts!






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