Postcards from Europe, #9

A friend of mine visited Bruges, Belgium last year with her daughter; I’ve never been. Evidently, it’s quite charming, and there’s lots to see (and to eat and drink) there.

It was the first stop on Mademoiselle‘s week+ long “fall break” tour of Europe at the end of October, and she went with another jeune fille from UNC. Stay tuned for their other stops.

FullSizeRender 4


Things we did in Brugge*:

  • Boat Tour
  • Visited Basilica of the Holy Blood
  • Window shopped
  • Walked along canals
  • Climbed the Belfry

Things we ate in Bruges:

  • waffles!
  • chocolates!
  • mussels!
  • fries!
  • BEER!

In conclusion, Bruges is the most lovely town and Flemish sounds like Old English.



26-10-2015″ **

*spellings vary

**not sure of the date, I couldn’t make out her writing. But it was in late October.

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