Postcards from Europe, #12

I’ve never been to Copenhagen (or Denmark), but I hear that visiting it is in vogue. One thing Mademoiselle and I have in common is that we both love royalty, and jewels – well, me more than her on that last one, possibly.

I was a bit troubled by the commune visit, but I trust that visiting Copenhagen has been educational for Mademoiselle. As I keep telling her, “Have fun, but stay safe, and well!”




We have so far walked 9 miles and it is only 5 pm. We woke up, got much needed coffee and pastries and ambled around Amalienborg Palace until the “changing of the guard” at 12 pm (apparently they have a queen!) We walked by an old military compound, walked through Rosenborg Slot Gardens, and explored the palace and CROWN JEWELS!

After, we made our way over to Christianshavn and walked through the commune Christiana (so many hippies, so much weed, so little time). Tomorrow we plan on going to the National Museum and Tivoli Gardens! 3/4s of the way done with fall break!

Hope all is well,




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