Postcards from Europe, #13

Berlin is one of the many places Mademoiselle has visited that I’ve never been to. She doesn’t seem to comprehend fully that it was once East Berlin and West Berlin, or what that was like.

I imagine she was very tired here, with it being the last stop of her Fall Break tour, but it sounds as if she gave it the old college try. But, there’s no place like “home,” n’est-ce pas?
FullSizeRender 2


The last part [or best part, or best stop – I can’t read Mademoiselle’s handwriting] of Fall Break! Needless to say, we were exhausted when we arrived, but immediately got a bottle of wine with dinner to cure our aching feet after checking in. We visited the Berlin Wall, the Holocaust Memorial, Museum Island, and the Brandenburg Gate! (Where Kennedy and Reagan gave their speeches!) The last day we lounged in the park all day, saw the Reichstag (aka Capitol Building) and hung out in a pub to watch the Rugby World Cup until our train left. I’m so happy to have a good shower again!




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