(No) wine with Wendy on Wednesday, numéro quatre

This month, Wendy and I braved the nasty winter weather to meet for lunch at Anis Cafe and Bistro, a French restaurant right here in Atlanta.. We passed on the wine, though (it’s January, after all).


We had skipped the month of December – it was just too busy to get together – and started up again for 2016, after my recent trip to France (for more info, see my post “My trip to France – the REAL story”), and before her upcoming one to London.

Before that, she’s off on a college visit up north with one of her five enfants (kids), that is, if it doesn’t get snowed out. But she recently went skiing, just before Christmas, with her large family. And, as soon as she gets back from London, where she is going this spring with her daughter and daughter’s friend, she’s getting on a plane the very next day (!), and going to the Florida Keys.

“I just have to have two different suitcases packed,” she assured me, as I gave her a look of disbelief. Not that she was going to the Keys, a place I’ve always wanted to go, but that she’s going the next day.

Oh la la.

But she’s young and energetic – and very organized, it seems. For my part, I’ve got three trips “out west” planned this year, and one weekend getaway in North Carolina later this spring.

We chatted about more than travels: our interests and creative passions, our impressions on current events, and even our daughters (see that post on my trip to France).

All in all, it was très amusant: a lot of fun.

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