Make that Deux – FAQ

Is MAKE THAT DEUX a true story? No, but it is based (loosely!) on a true story.*

What does Jenny really believe about couples being “meant to be”? Or about whether someone is out there who is truly “The One”? Jenny believes in serendipity. She tends to agree with Lisa, that if you’re meant to be, you’re meant to be. And Jenny does believe that someone out there is The One.

Why doesn’t Jenny travel more in France?

1. She has very little money and wants to use her Eurail pass to visit as much of Western Europe as possible.

2. She is an idiot.

How come many of Phil’s letters are in MAKE THAT DEUX, but none of Jenny’s? Does she write him every week? I used bits of my own experience to write Jenny’s story, and since my boyfriend and I corresponded, I kept all of his letters. They are the inspiration for Phil’s letters to Jenny. Alas, my boyfriend didn’t keep my letters, even though I wrote to him frequently. Jenny writes to Phil almost as much as he writes to her.

What happens to Lisa and Ben? They stay engaged, at least through the end of MAKE THAT DEUX

Does Jenny come back to the USA before the American hostages in Iran do? Read the book and find out…Do you know how long the hostages were held?

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? I love everything written by Peter Mayle. I wrote to him when I was writing MAKE THAT DEUX, and he responded with a signed personal note and some encouraging words.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in MAKE THAT DEUX? Hmm. I may let Jenny have more money.

Do you have a moped, or a motorcycle? No. They’re dangerous.

Have you ever hitchhiked? No comment.

Have you ever sunbathed topless? Again, no comment.

Do you drink Scotch? Only very occasionally. And not “neat.”

Do you smoke? No! But if it weren’t bad for me NOR made me smell like smoke, I probably would.

Are you afraid of heights? Yes. I get really anxious on escalators and elevators, too.

Do you ski? No. And I don’t like snow, unless I am looking at it through a window while relaxing in front of a roaring fire.

Did you go to all the places Jenny did in Europe? Of course!

Photo above: A view from my Jenny’s terrace on the Mediterranean

For more on this, see the post My most FAQ: la question posée le plus fréquemment, and a diagram



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