Daddy’s Girl – FAQ

How did you decide on the title? Originally, I called this book BLOOD RELATIVES. Then, I changed it to A ZERO-SUM GAME. I liked that title better, but it was too long and didn’t seem quite right. A few weeks before publication, I came up with DADDY’S GIRL, and renamed one of the chapters “A Zero-Sum Game.” Considering the cover I chose (my cover artist’s idea), I think it fits. And Valerie is the only one who always calls her father “Daddy.”

What kind of research did you do for the story? I interviewed three people: two who are extremely knowledgeable about startups, venture capitalists, and IPOs, and one with an IT management backgroup who recently worked for a startup. I recorded our interviews, took notes, and emailed each with questions afterward. I also emailed someone who has a deep retail background, with a list of questions about show-rooming and online shopping. Everyone was happy to help, and I thanked them all in my Acknowledgments.

Do you play bridge? I used to, but not anymore. So I got help for the scenes where June plays bridge from someone who plays every day!

What characters reappear in DADDY’S GIRL from your suspense novel UNDERWATER, and how are they related? Frank and Dawn Mitchell are in both books, with Dawn a bigger character in DADDY’S GIRL than she is in UNDERWATER. Dawn is the older sister of Helen from UNDERWATER, who is now married to Frank’s cousin John (also mentioned in UNDERWATER). Candace (the protagonist in UNDERWATER) gets a mention in DADDY’S GIRL. And David Shepherd is in both books, of course.

Do you own (or have you ever been to) a beach house like Sea Gem? No! I’ve only been to beach rental homes that are a lot smaller and less fancy. But I have been to Sea Island, and I stayed at The Cloister, a very nice place.


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