All the Above

– My son’s battle with brain cancer

Creative Nonfiction/Memoir

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Finalist, 2016 Georgia Author of the Year Award – Memoir/Autobiography

paragongangCover11In May 2010, my world changed in one day when my son was diagnosed with a brain tumor that threatened to rob him of his sight, and ultimately to take his life.

On his 19th birthday and the day after his freshman year at the University of Georgia, my son Jack McDermott was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Sitting right behind his optic nerves, the tumor rapidly threatened to take his vision, and Jack was rushed into surgery.

For the next six months, he fought the battle of his life.

Told with honesty, tenderness, and compassion, ALL THE ABOVE chronicles my emotional struggle as my family and I did everything possible to help Jack survive brain cancer.

This inspiring true story of courage, optimism, and hope will touch all those whose world has changed in a day, and who have faced grief and loss.

GAYA Finalist Seal

 “As I read…I realized that I am not alone and that my feelings, fears and hopes are not unique or strange. Only those who have walked this road can truly understand this cruel and brutal illness called cancer. Cancer, like a cruel master, forces you to stand up and keep walking when all you want to do is to stay down and hide.”

“Between the first and last pages of this stirring true story lie the answers of how to walk with grace through one of life’s darkest traumas, be guided by a courage outside of yourself, and emerge whole…”

“All the Above is as much the story of a husband and wife facing the reality that their nineteen-year-old son may die, as it is the story of his heroism knowing his death may be imminent. McDermott’s prose succeeds, as she weaves the details of a family’s intricate feelings as they walk through a very private and emotional journey.”

“This true story of a close knit family of six tells of the unexpected, tragic illness of their youngest son…well written and intensely interesting from beginning to end.”

“…captures, with amazing clarity, the emotional roller coaster that a mother goes through with her son during this difficult time in their lives…Great story, great read, great book!”

“…a captivating book made all the more riveting because it is true…writing immediately drew me into this amazing story…The courage shown by this young man is beyond inspiring, and the love and support of his family gave me chills.”

“…an inspiration! I stayed up all night reading it.” 

“…really well-written, personal story with depth and insight…Very engaging prose…An absolute privilege to read…”



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